Our daily life is getting faster and faster which is why breaks are becoming even more important. Therefore it was our idea to design a piece of furniture that allows to slow down on a stressful day. driehoek is a rocking stool that promotes a more active sitting position and relaxation through its height. A special feature is the close-fitting skids which make driehoek a newly interpreted rocking chair. It is designed in a narrow way for lightness, flexibility, enabling to store it away quickly. It can be used for spontaneous chats or taking a break at the office, at home or outside. 

with prof. Sigmar Willnauer 

driehoek home

With its friendly and calm design, driehoek harmoniously blends into living spaces.

It is light and slender, so you can take it anywhere to support you with daily activities like cooking, ironing or making phone calls.

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