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Producer wanted

Kolibri is a handy watering can that fits perfectly in the living room.

The shape and function of the watering can are inspired by a water scoop. 

The watering can is easy to fill because no additional handle is needed. 

You can grab it either by the spout or by the waist.


A good working environment provides a variety of postures and movements. Any position we adopt for too long affects our body in a negative way. Adjustable in height, the trolley is a desk that allows you to work both sitting down and standing up. 

There is not always enough space at home to get out of each other´s way while working. With our trolley you can take your working space with you while you switch to another room.

The trolley is designed for using the trays on it. An opened tray can be put on it while another one can be taken along. All necessary working materials find a place and are always with you.

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